The Telford Borough Police Department is organized into two major sections, Administrative and Operations.

Administrative services include those functions that are more support in nature and include Records Management, Financial Management, Professional Responsibility, and Recruiting and Hiring.

The Operations section is made up of three divisions including Patrol, Criminal Investigations and Special Services.

Patrol is the backbone of the police department. The majority of the police department personnel are assigned to this primary function. Uniformed patrol officers respond to all emergency situations and call for service. Patrol officers conduct preliminary investigations, arrest offenders, conduct safety and traffic enforcement and maintain a peaceful decorum in the community. Patrol officers utilize both marked and unmarked patrol vehicles and bicycles to conduct patrol, as well as foot patrol when the opportunities allow.

Criminal Investigations are conducted by a well-trained detective who pursues leads, conducts interviews and collects evidence in a furtherance of a crime. The detective also maintains the evidence inventory and is responsible for its handling and integrity.

Special Services are secondary specialized functions performed by officers in addition to their regular duties. These include participation in the Montgomery County SWAT Team Central Region, the North Penn DUI Task Force and the Bucks and Montgomery County Drug Enforcement Task Forces.

Police Department Staff

Chief of Police
Randall S. Floyd

Administrative Civilian
Gladys Gradel

Patrol Sergeant
David Bechtel

Daniel S. Fox (Acting OIC)

Full-time Patrol Officers
Jeremy Y. Kim - Juvenile Officer
Brett Popiny - Drug Investigations
Kyle Heffernan

Part-time Patrol Officers
Tori Adams
Benjamin Brunner
Samantha Lehman
Edward Radlow